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Australian Cattle Dog — Age 2
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Cookie started out being a dog who could eat anything and thrive. Then a couple things happened. She got Lyme disease, her back was injured by a larger dog, and also got an infection in her small intestine. Since then she seems to have on and off digestive issues. We do a lot of traveling and training and I always used healthy treats such as freeze dried liver or other freeze dried meat as its easy to travel with. But since her infection, even though cleared up, she cannot handle the raw meats, even freeze dried. I refuse to use any kind of processed treat not only are most of them just garbage, but they make her vomit. And using fresh cooked meat just doesnt travel well in your pocket. I needed a healthy treat, that she would love, that wouldnt make her vomit, but that also traveled well. I found that in the Honest Kitchen treats. They easily break in half so I can use a lot for training purposes, and they travel well in a pocket. Best of all, she LOVES them and they do not make her vomit.
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