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Golden Retriever — Age 1
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I found THK when I was looking for a homemade dog food recipe to make for Cooper’s birthday, as he will turn three soon. I had never heard of dehydrated dog food before and was very intrigued by the idea. He had enjoyed wet food in the past when he had a minor stomach issue, so I thought THK would be a good fit as a special treat. Cooper has always had a little bit of an allergy issue though. He occasionally gets red bumps on his belly which our vet believes is an allergy to grass (he loves to roll in the grass). He more recently has developed small scabs all over his body. After some research, I decided to switch his typical dry food for a sensitive skin formula while incorporating Embark to entice him to eat. He LOVED it! I hadn’t seen Cooper be so excited about food since he was a little puppy. It is nice to see a change in his attitude about food. Plus his skin had cleared up after only a few weeks and is itching less.

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