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German Shepherd — Age 13
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Country, at 10 years old. She lived to be 13.
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She was my daughter's constant companion and playmate.

We got Country when she was three years old. She was under weight at 70 lbs and had been treated for heartworms. We started out giving her kibble, but she was constantly at the vet with diarrhea, coughing, or other problems. Her foster mom encouraged me to give her raw food. I didn't trust myself to know how to give her the proper nutrition, so I started buying Force and added raw meats and bones to that. She would go wild, even stepping and bumping on me when she would get her food. It was a big celebration every time. She calmed down fast, though, because I would make her "work" for her food. Country became a strong 90-lb dog with the most beautiful personality. She was the constant companion to my daughter who is in a wheelchair. I was told that you either paid the vet or you paid for good food. We no longer had to take her to the vet, except for the vaccines, which we stopped at around 8 years old, and the occasional checkups in her senior years. Country's coat stayed healthy and soft the entire time. I believe she lived to be 13 years old because of The Honest Kitchen food. I will miss her celebrations! We just lost her four weeks ago.

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