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French Bulldog — Age 2
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King is a French Bulldog I imported from The Ukraine, He has had lots of loose Stool since getting here. After 8 months of dealing with it changing foods, many vet trips etc, I finally started him on Honest Kitchen on top of his kibble and it has been the magic trick. Never any loose stools again! We have gone thru 13# of it, and I can say he will be on it for life! Without a doubt! His coat has gone from Brittle to nice, shiny and smooth and Not as itchy. Recommend this definitely a life saver! I have tried the Turkey, Chicken, Beef, and Just the fruit/veggies and nuts and happy with them. We prefer Turkey, fish or just the Fruit/veggie as a topper. 1/4 cup 2 times a day does the trick! We have successful used it on our other french Bulldogs Creed, Halo and Kona with just as good results.
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