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Daisy Belle

German Shepherd — Age 0
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Daisy’s big trip to the Zoo!
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My husband and Daisy standing on the bald eagles deck at the Zoo, at the same spot we were married.
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Daisy met momma-Bison! They kept following each other. You make friends in the darnedest places!
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One happy but pooped little girl! This was after a long afternoon of hiking.
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This was the first week she was home. She was (and still is) painfully adorable!

We got Daisy when she was just about 10 weeks old. From the very beginning she had digestive issues (loose stools and diarrhea daily). The vet placed her on a Rx digestive supplement which helped. But as soon as the Rx was finished the belly issues came right back. After about 2-3 months of relentless searching for a truly nutritional brand of wholesome, large breed puppy food, we found The Honest Kitchen. We started with treats (the 1-2 ingredient ones like muscles or the cod/blueberry wafers), Daisy LOVED them. Then we decided to try the herbal digestive supplement in place of the chemical-filled Rx supplements, and almost overnight her diarrhea seemed to go away. After seeing how much she loved the products and how well her system responded to them, we decided to go full THK for all products: clusters, dehydrated food, treats, supplements, toppers, everything! Since we’ve made this change, we’ve had zero, and I mean ZERO digestive issues. She hasn’t needed the herbal supplement since making the switch either. Daisy is happy, full of energy, has a silky-soft coat, smells fantastic (willing she doesn’t roll on a worm), and no breath issues whatsoever. We couldn’t be happier!

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