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Dachshund — Age 0
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This photo is from almost a year ago, you can see his sparce fur in the head and a little in his chest area.
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His swallow paw because of his heavy licking. Almost every morning he woke up like this.
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Look at his full hairline!!
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No swollen paws anymore! And no licking as well :)
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He is a very happy and healthy dog :)

I write this review hoping this could help someone else’s dog. Dalí is my senior short-hair dachshund, he had always struggle with food allergies, we tried EVERY food there is on the market, raw food, prescription food, commercial food, everything! He was constantly licking his paws and his coat was not ideal, he had bald spots in his chest, rears, even head and ears. We recently move to the US and we decided to give it a go with new brands of food and we randomly saw THK and we loveeee the ingredients! So we tried it, and fast forward to a year, and... Dalí (and his fur brother Picasso) are living their best life!!! Dalí’s coat is impecable, he is even growing hair in spots where I have never seen fur before, and he doesn’t lick his paws anymore!!!!! You can’t imagine the thrill this is! He is a completely different dog, he loves the taste of his food, he is perfectly healthy, you can’t even tell he is 10 yo. So we are sticking with THK, we are fierce fans of this brand. Thank you for creating this awesome products.

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