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Pit Bull — Age 10
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Diamond came to us as a rescue two years ago significantly underweight with poor overall health & an awful coat. Our other two dogs have eaten a raw diet almost their entire lives and we love the results that we’ve seen with their health because of it. We assumed that Diamond would take right to the raw diet model without issue but you know what they say about making assumptions! We couldn’t get her to eat anything!!! She would simply take a few bites and then walk away or she would eat something for a few days and then decide it wasn’t anything she was interested in long term. Enter Honest Kitchen Fruit & Veggie base mix, we are absolutely in love with this product and so is Diamond. We love having a balanced base mix that allows us to add a different raw or cooked protein of choice each day in a form that appeals to Diamond. Since we started chopping her daily protein ration and mixing it with the base mix we have had literally no issues with getting her to eat anymore. LOVE these products!

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