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Labrador Retriever — Age 0
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Dozer Dog looking gorgeous after eating The Honest Kitchen Grain Free Chicken for 6 Months
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Dozer now
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Allergy issues he had before Honest Kitchen Food
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Constantly had skin allergy issues and Gastrointestinal issues before The Honest Kitchen
Our 3 year old Black Labrador Dozer was a Rescue puppy that we got at 8 weeks old. Little did we know that he came with some very serious health issues including severe food allergies and Gastrointestinal issues which included a poor functioning pancreas and IBD. We loved him so much that we had to get to the bottom of all his troubles. He always had runny stools and would vomit in between meals. He was very sick most days and we were so worried about him. He was thin despite high calorie meals because the foods were passing right through him. He was being fed 4 small meals a day, but even that wasn’t working. We had many tests done and lots of food trials with novel proteins, RX diets, premium canned food, raw food, etc. he was on several medications none of which helped his condition. Finally our Holistic Vet suggested we try The Honest Kitchen Grain Free Chicken (we knew he was not allergic to Chicken) and it basically was a miracle food! Right away his stools became normal, he stopped vomiting and one by one we took him off every single medication! And a bonus was all of his skin problems cleared up within 1 weeks of eating nothing but this food. His coat is skinny and gourgeous and his shedding has reduced by 75%! He’s finally normal weight too. I love having to sweep every other day instead of twice daily. He really loves this food and can’t wait to eat! Before he would walk away from his bowl no matter what was in it. I am so grateful to The Honest a Kitchen for saving my dogs life! I truly believe this is the best dog food for dogs with tummy and skin issues. I love that it’s human grade and will only ever feed this to my sweet Dozer!
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