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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 4
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She's been a great help working from home.
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Excellent hiking partner
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brave queen Elsa crosses the river (and takes a belly plop to cool down)
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The best running buddy I could ask for... who always pushes me on the trail.
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zonked after a big park session

Our little rescue mix, Elsa came into our lives more than a year ago now. When we met her, she was so scared and anxious her whole body would shake, her teeth would chatter, that is if she was not actively trying to get as far away as possible. Over a few months of a lot of love and effort, this little lady really came around. She's an absolute cuddle bug and smart as a whip! That said, there's still work for us to do to help her be less anxious in some environments (esp with new humans). The trainer we're seeing now suggested The Honest Kitchen as a more "biologically appropriate" food that could help her brain, by the way of her tummy! In addition to her being anxious, she can sometimes be picky. The grain-free beef kibble from THK is ON POINT for Elsa. She enjoys it. Sniffs it out, even! And the dehydrated mix (which we call "goop") is a SUPER high value reward for her. Even when too nervous to focus/eat, we can often get through to her with the goop :) Thanks for making a great product we can trust and see our dog thrive on. -Max

THK products Elsa loves
  1. Dehydrated Grain Free Beef

    Dog Food

    $23.88 - $104.99

  2. Dehydrated Grain Free Turkey

    Dog Food

    $23.88 - $99.99

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