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Jack Russell Terrier — Age 12
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THK taste test - as you can see, she was crazy about it, lol! Success!

We adopted Ethel at the ripe old age of 12 years young. She was surrendered by her previous humans for being "too old" - insert eye roll and gag. Ethel came to the shelter with multiple health issues: seizures, hypothyroidism, cataracts, muscle weakness, joint pain, digestive upset, chronic diarrhea, behavioral issues, excess weight, lethal farts lol, etc... poor old gal was a mess. Luckily, a truly amazing employee decided to foster her in hope that it would help her feel less stressed and give her a better chance at being adopted. She made great progress as far as the behavioral issues went, but no major changes in her health really, except for maybe one semi-solid poop every few weeks. Being a nutrition educator, once I found out what Ethel had been eating her whole life - standard American junk dog foods - her health issues made sense, and I saw a ton of potential in her to get better through proper nutrition. We didn't want to change too many things at once for her, so for the first week, we kept her on the Eagle Pack food she was eating. We added pumpkin to it, which helped her have consistent semi-solid poops, but they were still not healthy looking, and definitely still full of mucous. We took her to the vet a week later and were told to switch her to a new kibble immediately. The vet did not think that she would take to wet food since she had already imprinted on kibble. Problem was, she would not even look at it after she sniffed it. Added pumpkin to it, still wouldn't eat it. Added peanut butter, still a big nope. I went to the pet store to look for ideas on how to make the new kibble more appealing and came across THK cups. I was really impressed by the ingredients. Pets are family and I would never feed my family "water suitable for processing" or any other scary items found in most dog foods and gravies, so it was refreshing to come across humane grade dog food. I got her the grain-free chicken recipe. Just two tablespoons of that mixed in with her food and she ate it right up - practically inhaled it! Before, she would graze on the Eagle Pack food the she "liked"... she might only eat 1/4 cup per day, or on a good day maybe a cup... it bothered me that she didn't get consistent calories, especially with her health problems. Now she eats full meals the second they hit the floor. No more worrying about if she's eating enough or not. I also noticed she had more energy and her temperament improved after just a few days. She lets us touch her belly now, even pick her up, without growling at us. I plan on switching to 100% THK soon with the fish skins to help keep her teeth on point. Major bonus points for this food being super convenient too - I love that we don't have to cook it! I cannot say enough good things about this food! Thank you, THK! You have a customer for life here. I think I will try it out with our cats next!

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