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Labrador Retriever — Age 5
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Finn is allergic to Poultry and is an extremely picky eater. Up until we found Honest kitchen my dog food shopping days involved reading every last ingredient list for everything I purchased for him. Just because it wasn't chicken flavored didn't mean it was chicken free sadly. This caused him to be extremely limited with his choices. Which with being a picky eater was a no go he would at times not touch his food all day which would then mean I'd have to figure out another thing to give him as well as purchase a different food next time I went to the store. Then one day I found Honest Kitchen I tried out the single servings first and he couldn't get enough. Now we only feed him Honest Kitchen and we've noticed a lot has changed with him. He's eating more, his coat is shinier, and he filled out a little more which was what he needed for his size. It's great to see him happy for meals as well as meals not staying on the plate for more then a few minutes. Thank you Honest Kitchen for helping us find a long lasting solution for a once picky eater with allergies.
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