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Australian Shepherd — Age 0
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Gambit at 3 months
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Gambit at 8 months happily
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Gambit Sniffing the new food!

Got my pup when he was 3 months. He was constantly sick and had a lung infection when I got him. Then had ear infection, eyes infection, itchy skin and constant diarrhea. Found out he was allergic to some trees in my neighborhood and food allergies too. Switched to honest kitchen dehydrated and goat milk. After a week started to see firmer healthier poop I sneak his allergy pill into the goat milk because he won’t eat it other wise. He loves the milk and can’t get enough he begs for more everyday. Saw the puppy energy come to him that I’ve never seen before he’s a much happier healthier dog now at 8 months. No more itchy anything and more Importantly a better digestive system. Diarrhea is a thing of the past. The goat milk has been a god send to my pup and his over all health

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