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Pug — Age 8
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This is when I first got Demonic Georgie.
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What exactly are you trying to tell me? I hope it's that you're hydrating my HK LOVE.
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I'm hungry!And handsome! Where's my goat's milk????
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I must have my Honest Kitcken or I'll go mad!
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Santa I've been sort of a good boy. Get those elves working and Please bring me my Honest Kitcken!

You would think pugs are laid back and low energy, but not my Georgie. Of all my dogs, he is my BIGGEST challenge. He was found on the street, returned to the rescue several times for demonic behavior, and was out of his dog mind. I knew great nutrition would play a huge part in his recovery. Aside from his behavior problems, Georgie refused to drink water. It was a big relief when I found that he loves the HK goat's milk with probiotics. He also receives much needed hydration by my adding extra water to his HK grain free beef recipe. Now he truly is Love to me!

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