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Schnauzer — Age 19
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GiGi is a Gentle Girl and loves being rocked on the porch swing.
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Go~Go Giddy-up Girl running outside after her bath.

Two years ago GiGi came to us at 17 years old. She was obese, very yeasty ears, excessive dandruff and dry skin and yeasty, smelly arm pits. She lost her weight and kept it off, her skin and ears have cleared up and she no longer scratches obsessively. GiGi had digestive issues from being fed kibble yet she hasn't any teeth. We started putting dry Honest Kitchen into a tiny personal blender, break the veg up a tiny bit before we rehydrate her food and now she devours her meals and no longer has digestion or bowel issues! She is extremely picky and won't eat fish we cook but LOVES Zeal. Her last blood panel was perfect, for 19 years old she stays very active. Eight months ago she was jumping around and dislocated her hip. Our vet said x-rays showed she didn't have any arthritis in her hips and after an Ehmer sling didn't work GiGi had FHO surgery to attempt to regain mobility. During her recovery and mobility restriction/rehab GiGi lost quite a bit of muscle. Today she's regained 75 percent of her muscle tone back and despite her left hip being quarter inch shorter than the right, she doesn't even walk with a limp. Nutrition is the foundation for health.

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