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Ginni Bear

Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 2
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Pretty girl!!

We rescued Ginni only 5 days ago... while in her foster home she was extremely picky at eating and was underweight. She was so scared of everything, and her foster mom tried numerous types of food. She would only gradually pick here and there. I ordered the Honest Kitchen Grain Free Chicken (Dehydrated) to have at the house by the time we got home with her. I made this for her and she came right up to me and WANTED this food! She couldn't figure out the texture at first, so she actually let me feed her with a spoon because she wanted this food so bad! Then after a few bites she tried again and she gobbled it up! She has no hesitation at all eating and absolutely loves it! It smells amazing and i want to eat it myself! And i love knowing that i absolutely can if i wanted to because i can pronounce every ingredients and know what it is!!

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