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Dachshund — Age 3
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The eyes Gus gives every morning when it's breakfast time.
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We became foster parents to Gus in August 2018 before officially adopting him in February 2019. When we pulled him from the shelter, he couldn't walk. He had herniated two discs and had severe IVDD. He's now walking unaided decently well, but still requires a wheel chair or stroller for longer trips. Gus has also tested positive for Lyme Disease and Anaplasmosis (thankfully no symptoms). He also has had issues with uric acid stones which required surgery. We recently discovered he has a liver shunt which will require surgery again and he also has polycystic kidney disease (luckily also not symptomatic). His coat has become shiny and soft finally. We had him on other high quality foods, but his coat remained very course. His herniated discs left him with nerve damage which means he has no control over his bladder or bowl movements. He's very prone to infection, because things just don't move fast through his systems. His stools are nice on his current food. Previously, we dealt with bouts of antibiotic resistant staph and C-Diff. Because of the fiber content, he hasn't had issues with The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Chicken. He has been much more of a normal dog since starting the food. Nutrition is my top priority for him given all his issues. We really want him to live a happy life for as long as he can. I've really happy I found Honest Kitchen. I know he's getting good solid nutrition from real foods. The Honest Kitchen has truly been a blessing in our life.

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