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American Shorthair — Age 3
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Our kitty had 3 urinary blockages this past July, and one of the things the vet asked that we do was put him on a prescription diet. We noticed he was eating WAY more than he usually would, was puking it back up, and was always begging for more food immediately after he finished. We were so confused because we thought the food was safe and healthy since it was a (quite expensive) prescription diet that our vet recommended. Fast forward a few months, we went to a holistic vet to get a second opinion on how to manage Hadley's health without unnecessary medications. She informed us that because kitty didn't have stones that caused the blockages, he really didn't need the prescription diet, and that is basically had the animal version of MSG in the food to keep them eating it (which is apparently HIGHLY addicting, and cats apparently don't need card heaby foods, which is what the diet was). She suggested a raw diet and said Honest Kitchen was one of the best and easiest ways to do it. I will admit, the sticker shock was a lot when I saw the prices for raw diets in general, and reading about how much food they actually need a day, but when compared to the price of the prescription diet, and the fact that is is human grade makes it worth it. Hadley is also extremely picky, and while it took him a week or two to be interested in it, he now seems to really enjoy the food! Additional benefits are that since the food is dehydrated, it takes up wayyyy less space than bags or dry food does. I'm happy knowing that I can feel confident feeding Hadley food that will keep him happy and healthy for years to come.

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