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Schnauzer — Age 0
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Henrí MJ @ 1y birthday!

I knew, from the day I adopted and brought my little guy home, the importance of a healthy diet. The first dog I adopted, had health issues -- esp. associated w/his skin. Ultimately, I started making his food -- and his skin cleared right up! I'm a vegetarian and rarely eat processed foods ... applying the same standards to his food and treats made a huge difference in his life. I was prepared to make Henrí's food; however, I had some concerns in regard to providing him enough nutrients as a young, energetic and growing pup! I was uncomfortable with the brand of food he was sent home on and the first "natural" kibble a chain pet-store recommended. I went to a mom & pop store and started him on a brand of kibble -- far better than other brands. I still felt the need to cook/add non-processed food to the kibble (such as chicken, beef, beans and other vegetables). He had a sensitive belly and, when I returned to the family-owned store the second time, I mentioned his stomach was upset most nights. They recommended adding The Honest Kitchen's pumpkin pours to the kibble. They also mentioned a base, where I needed to add water and basically the same fresh foods I cooked during the week. We tried the pumpkin first -- he loves the chicken and turkey flavors (not a fish guy) and his belly improved the first week! As a "treat," I add super foods 1-2/x per/week -- he loves his greens too! When low on puppy kibble, I decided to buy a 1lb bag of grain-free Chicken Clusters. My little guy enjoyed, rarely leaving any in his bowl (as he did w/kibble). I switched from kibble to Chicken Clusters and decided to see if he enjoyed the grain-free turkey (used the wonderful 1lb. option again!) ... I alternate between the chicken/turkey grain-free recipes and still add pumpkin and super pours to his meals. I add fresh veggies and chicken t/o the week; however, I don't feel the need to add b/c his food is lacking nutrients, or his belly is upset after eating kibble, or he developed skin issues. He gets all he needs from the clusters and pours! I wish THK was around to feed to my first little guy. I'm grateful Henrí didn't need to take meds to calm his skin for years or Pepcid to settle his belly. My little guy enjoys eating THK clusters and pours; I'm comfortable with the attributes that set THK apart from all other foods I researched -- the limited and healthy ingredients, human grade, baked in small batches --and grateful as I watch my little continue to thrive!

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