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Mixed Breed (cat) — Age 16
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Ivory is 15 going on 16 this year. She's been through a lot with me over the years. My constant companion, friend, family, guardian, support...As we've both gotten older, I have taken notice of what she now needs. Making sure she lives a long and healthy life, one that she can thrive in is of utmost importance to me. She has been there for me when no one was and this was pre-covid :). In order to ensure that she's vibrant I tried to even make her meals from scratch. We had a food allergy test done once and it revealed many sensitivities. That of course explained a lot why she was starting to struggle with the commercial pet foods previously. I switched out her litter too not only for her health, but mine as well as we currently live in very tight quarters b/c of the restrictions during covid. So once we found a company such as Honest Kitchen that really seemed to align with what I had been looking for, it was a relief. Especially since I was struggling to provide it on my own. I was however hesitant as it was hard to take a chance on yet another product that I may have to return and be disappointed in. I finally bit the bullet and decided to test the trial box (chicken flavor). We transitioned her slowly and she seemed to be doing fairly well until the vest last week of food left! LOL. Oh no, I thought. It was almost time to renew the subscription order too and so I decided to reach out to you. I was relieved to chat with Angie. She's been very helpful. I am going to rely on her recommendations of trying out the turkey for our cat. I am hopeful that this will entice our cat to eat again instead of turning away like she did at the end of the chicken batch. Having some diverse options for cats, recipes, diy treats, videos and such would also be greatly appreciated. The Honest Kitchen seems to have much more emphasis on dog products and it is apparent that the U.S. tends to that trend as well. But there are many cat parents who would so greatly appreciate the same amount of love for our needs as well :) Mahalo nui for all that you do for us pet mommies and daddies :) me ke aloha, Yumi

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