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Siberian Husky — Age 9
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Jacey after her final Physical Therapy appointment! Since completing PT and enjoying THK every day she has had much more energy and her coat is doing much better as well.

Initially Jacey came to us as a foster and was on a prescription food for her urinary issues. She is a VERY picky eater and we had to mix wet food with her dry prescription food to even get her to consider it. Once she was off of this prescription food she would only eat the wet food and wanted nothing to do with any dry food. Luckily PetPeople gave us lots of dog food samples and The Honest Kitchen was one of them. Jacey has been eating up her entire bowl of Whole Clusters every time she is fed. She is a senior dog who underwent an eye removal surgery and knee surgery (TPLO) within one week of each other. She began eating THK while recovering and she now has so much more energy than we have seen, and her stool is a normal consistency for one.

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