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Corgi — Age 10
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Micheal Phelps of the shallow end of the pool!
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Live Snow Corgi

Jack has always had tummy issues since birth. I have tried all options for him diet wise throughout the years with little to no luck. Every since I was educated on the honest kitchen, jacks life has been changed for the better. He DANCES for his food now! He hates the waiting game for the water to rehydrate the food but secretly loves it at the same time because the dancing continues! Once I st it down, he loves it more than snuggles from mom and dad. This food is a game changer. His stomach tolerated the limited ingredient chicken for better than any other food on the market and the bonus is that it smells nice when I make it for him. Must be why he is so excited two times a day now! His GI tract is doing so much better, he is much more happy and energetic and his body overall is welcoming of the changes. Wouldn’t change a thing now, I have the Jack I always knew was in there but was suppressed by tummy aches and an upset GI tract. Thank you so much for making a sensitive tummy QUALITY food for my boy!

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  1. Dehydrated - Limited Ingredient Chicken Recipe (Thrive)

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