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French Bulldog — Age 0
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Yes yes I know I am handsome!!
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From the time we brought Jack home he was having some issues from his food. He wasn’t eating and he was loosing weight. All the food we tried to include raw food was making him sick. We went through chicken, turkey, beef. All high quality foods. On top of that he had started to have a horrible odor, he really smelled bad. In my searching for answers online I came across a blog from a woman using HK. Her dog had some of the same issues and he had anal glad problems causing him to stink really bad. Upon using HK her problems were solved. So that’s when we switched yet again. We decided to go with the fish and because he was a small puppy and so much made him sick we went with the limited ingredient fish recipe. Thank goodness he liked it and he didn’t get sick and within days the smell was gone!! We were sold!! He happily eats his HK and his weight stays within a good range. What a relief it was! Thank you HK! We are happy customers

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