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American Shorthair — Age 4
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Jack the Cat
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Fonzie the Dog
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Nala the Queen

My cat, Jack, has always had respiratory issues. They were born in October, and were found in an empty barn after their mother had died. I brought them home in January, but the bitter cold from the winter had already done damage on Jack's lungs. His breathing was never quite "normal", and he would have sporadic wheezing attacks. Recently, his wheezing attacks were becoming more and more frequent. I was beginning to consider making a vet appointment to have his lungs checked out again. Around the same time, I heard of The Honest Kitchen. I dog-sit for Rover, and one of my clients was using a dehydrated food. My own dog would come with me any time I checked on this client's dog, and my dog would show interest in that food (which is rare for him to be that interested in food). My client told me it was The Honest Kitchen. I ended up ordering some online for both my dog and my cats. Almost immediately after starting my cats on The Honest Kitchen dehydrated cat food, Jack's wheezing lessened. They've been on The Honest Kitchen diet for almost 2 months now, and I cannot even remember the last time Jack has had a wheezing attack, whereas previously he would have multiple wheezing attacks within an hour time-span! IT IS AMAZING! His sister, Nala, has also had some food intolerances in the past, and since switching the food, her coat has become sleek and smooth like a kitten again. She has had a lot more energy, and it less bloated since switching her food to The Honest Kitchen. She has been more playful and back to her original curious and playful personality that she had as a kitten. My dog, Fonzie, is loving the food. He gobbles it all up as soon as it's in his bowl, and he loves licking the spoon after I mix up his food. I'm a happy pet owner!!

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