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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 0
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Happy Jack!
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Gentle, relaxed Jack after a full breakfast!
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Healthy mouth!
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sleepy guy!

When we rescued Jack he was having, what we refer to as, nervous poops. He was on a popular, inexpensive kibble which he seemed to like. For months he would go through periods of digestive upset, loose poops, belching after each meal. His beautiful coat was dulling, his ears were starting to itch and had an odor, and his puppy teeth were starting to yellow. Not to mention his anxiety - which he's prone to anyway - was getting worse. We switched brands a few times, tried different recipes, but ultimately the issues persisted. When we found The Honest Kitchen and opened up the bag for the first time we were pleasantly surprised by the look and smell of the food! Jack came running over, almost knocking us off our feet to get to the bag! He goes NUTS for this food. His digestive issues have disappeared, even in times of high anxiety he no longer has nervous poops! His teeth are glistening again, as is his beautiful coat. His big, satellite dish ears, no longer have an odor! He no longer has his after-meal belch, and his demeanor overall has drastically improved. His focus during training sessions has increased, and his ability to calmly interact with us and other pups is growing. We couldn't be happier! He will never eat any other food again. Now, at meal time, he reminds us it's time to eat by pacing quietly by his food dish. He waits for his command to eat, and then promptly lays down to eat each morsel in luxury! We love The Honest Kitchen!

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