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Poodle — Age 0
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Jake, a 20 lb mini Poodle was mostly blind due to glaucoma (one eye was enlarged and painful) and then was diagnosed with pancreatitis followed by an abscess that burst on his forehead. He was in tremendous pain and after consulting with several vets it was determined he needed to have his eyes removed. After the surgery he seemed depressed (sitting completely still in his bed for hours) and he wouldn't eat. I tried everything from steamed chicken and rice to baby food. The only thing that he would eat was raw chopped meat if I fed it to him from my hand. I knew this wasn't a complete meal and was concerned that he was not going to survive. A holistic vet recommended I try Honest Kitchen and the moment he smelled it after I mixed it with warm water he devoured it. It's been 2 months now and Jake is a happy, pain-free dog. He plays with his toys and chew on bones and sticks. It's been an amazing transformation.

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