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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 8
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Jaylen is a 8 year old Lab/Pitt mix. He has always had separation anxiety issues, so when we got him when he was three we had a tough time getting him to eat at all, then finding anything he wanted to eat more than a week was impossible. We would try to keep the food similar, or within same brands, and just when we thought we'd found one that he liked he started sticking his nose up and wouldn't eat it anymore. After having him just a year or two we found out he had thyroid issues, no big deal, meds are small and only cost about $10-$12 a month. However, a few years ago Jaylen contracted Leptospirosis and started having major kidney and liver issues. We've been spending (at a minimum) of $130 a month on his Denamarin medicine on top of the thyroid pills, and his food. After reading others stories about The Honest Kitchen food I decided we needed to try this. We stopped giving him two Denamarin pills a day and just gave him one. Two months later we went to the vet to see how we were doing. A little back story about liver numbers and Jaylen's Liver numbers - Normal Liver Enzymes for a dog are between 5 - 107, Two years ago Jaylen’s levels were over 600, then a few months later they were over 1200! Last year his numbers were still up around 400, this year, just two months after starting The Honest Kitchen Chicken No Grain food his numbers were only 160!! And we only have to give him one thyroid pill a day instead of two as well! Thank you for helping me save money and saving my dogs life!! He's excited for his food every meal, and is just a happier dog all around! We are hoping to have him off the pills all together by the time we re-visit to have our levels tested again in six months!! Love, Jaylen and his mommy and daddy!

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