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Shar Pei — Age 9
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Kirin enjoying the pre-Covid balloon festivals.

Kirin has been on "high quality" dog food her whole life. She's actually allergic to almost all of it. We also discovered tumors (small ones) popping up on her body about 2 years ago. The first two we had removed and biopsied and they turned out benign. When the next two showed up, we left the other two to see how they would play out due to her age and surgery risks. It was about that time I started sharing the Whole Grain turkey Honest Kitchen that I feed my frenchies with her, too. I also mix in some of their whole food clusters to give her some texture. After about 6 months of having her on that, when I palpate her tumor areas, they are much less noticeable. The one at the base of her tail was the one I was very worried about, I was concerned it would eventually grow and cut off circulation. But it went from the size of a cherry tomato to a black bean. Her classic Shar Pei skin flairs are also nearly non-existent now. I truly believe the quality of this dog food contributes to her overall well-being.

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