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Bernese Mountain Dog — Age 11
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Our dog had been diagnosed with heart cancer about 6 months ago and we didn't think he had much longer to live. We decided to give it one last effort with food and drastically change things, We took him off of a premium dog food (origen) and switched to the Honest Kitchen. Our holistic vet told us the beef formula would be best as he also has anemia. Our vet sells this product as well at her office. Our dog has been doing great and we no longer will ever feed any kind of kibble dog food again. We do add in other supplements and oils to this food but not sure if that is even really needed. Our dog also loves the taste of the beef grain free formula. We supplement with Taurine, even though the Honest Kitchen now has added to their recipes as well. We highly recommend all of the Honest Kitchen products to anyone who wants to take exceptional care of their pets.

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