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Yorkshire Terrier — Age 5
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After my first Biewer Yorkie passed away from a sudden illness, I was determined to only provide the best care for my new Biewer puppy to keep her healthy and happy. For this breed, their diet is important as they can become very ill rather quickly if their nutritional needs are not met due to their small size and fragile blood sugar. I began researching and decided that a raw, whole food diet would be the best for my new baby's health. Honest Kitchen stood out because of their human grade ingredients that you can actually see and taste. This made me feel like I knew exactly what I was feeding my pup. I started Kloë on Honest Kitchen within the first few weeks of bringing her home and she absolutely loved it (and I loved the convienence of not having to prepare raw food myself).

My first Biewer was always a very picky/slow eater which can be a trait of this breed but Kloë, as a tiny puppy, devoured the whole serving of this food at once. Over the period of time I served Honest Kitchen, Kloë's coat remained soft, full, and shiny (while my previous kibble-fed pup's coat became dull and straggly at the ends). Her breath was always fresh even without brushing, she had minimal eye discharge, and she never appeared ill. I remember that whenever I gave wet food to my first Biewer, she would have very soft stools, which sometimes became a messy issue. I suspected this could happen with Honest Kitchen but to my relief, Kloë's poops were always firm and healthy. She was truly a beautiful, healthy puppy and Honest Kitchen was helping to keep her that way.

However, she is such a little ball of energy that as a young puppy, I found that Honest Kitchen did not contain quite enough protein per serving to keep her at an optimal weight. Therefore, I trialed her on several different "raw, dehydrated kibble" brands that contained more protein. Kloë still enjoyed the kibble, but not with as much enthusiasm she displayed with Honest Kitchen. Although she did gain weight, I didn't feel like the kibble was as fresh or healthy as Honest Kitchen. I definitely did not feel as though the ingredients were truly human grade. The evidence came in the form of itchy skin, which Kloë began scratching constantly, tangling her hair. Her breath was terrible and she developed more eye discharge. She also suffered a couple instances of digestive irritation, with bloody stools. In addition, I feel as though the kibble lacked the flavor she was accustomed to and I noticed that her jaw was getting a nice workout that made getting through her meal a little more difficult.

On Kloë's first birthday, we celebrated by switching her back to Honest Kitchen. She just could not contain her excitement when she saw her meal being prepared, jumping and circling and whining with anticipation. I had barely put her bowl on the floor before she was halfway done! I believe she still burns through the protein rather quickly, so I do purchase a few Honest Kitchen supplements/treats to offset this. The scratching and eye drainage subsided, her breath was back to normal, and there were no further instances of upset tummy. Kloë is now 5, and still lapping down her Honest Kitchen. She is a spunky little baby, with a beautiful thick coat and sparkling eyes, so it has been well worth it to know I am serving her delicious food with real, healthy ingredients that I can recognize. Thank you. :)

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