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Chihuahua — Age 11
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I feel like we had been on the search for a good food for my little old man for as long as I could remember. It has been a journey to say the least. We started the search because he would have gastrointestinal issues from time to time and it would scare me to death seeing him vomit or pooping blood. He was on kibble at the time, and I didn't think that could be the issue because I had always tried my best to find a good quality kibble. Good quality or not, kibble was only hurting his insides. I started then, to make homemade food. That was enjoyable, but a lot of work. And expensive by the time you add in supplements to make sure its meeting their nutritional needs. I came across a different dehydrated food, but I had to add in meat, which just wasn't working budget wise and time wise with measuring the meat out. That's when we end our journey with Honest Kitchen. Our dog who wouldn't show excitement about food now won't stop barking when he knows his food is soaking. He always jumps on me at five o'clock ON THE DOT, because he want's his food. His gastrointestinal issues have practically gone away and he's happy. So I'm happy.

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