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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 1
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I got Lilah from a breeder who had an "accidental" litter of mixed breeds instead of purebreds. She was very nervous and shy when I first got her and was distrustful of humans and other animals. At around 5 months old she had an unexplainable seizure that vets were stumped by. She was way too young to be having seizures without a root cause. Before I started feeding Lilah Honest Kitchen I was giving her food that her breeder had fed her. Her fur use to be dull, coarse and rough... she was lethargic and often fell ill with fevers. I had done lots of research on dog food and came across The Honest Kitchen. I was desperate to try a high quality food in hopes my Lilah would be back to her wild and rambunctious self. Almost immediately after changing her diet I noticed she was making a comeback! Her fur is absolutely PHENOMENAL now! It is so shiny and soft she gets compliments daily from everyone including when I take her to the vet office! I love the positive changes she's made on this diet and I'm pleased to say at a year and a half old she is as healthy and beautiful as ever! Thank you Honest Kitchen!

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