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Loki Odinson

Papillon — Age 6
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13lb & healthy!
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We adopted a sweet Dog from my work (humane society) and struggled to get him proper nourishment for months. He was emaciated and had a very poor coat as well as very low energy, brittle nails and constant vomiting. But there was something special about our little Loki and we weren't giving up. Turns out he has Mega Esophagus and was not able to get the calories and nutrients with regular food since he vomited anything with texture/chunks despite his "Bailey Chair" and slow feeding bowls. Pate foods were not enough for him even with proper supplements. After being recommended The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated meals, we gave it a shot and it did not take long to know we were on to something amazing! He began showing signs of improvement in just a couple days. He was happy and content. He was sleeping better without such restlessness. He was eager to eat and his food stayed down! His personality began to blossom as he started to regain strength and build little puppy muscles! Over just a few short months, we had a wonderfully healthy dog on our hands with a personality we had no idea existed. His eyes were brighter. His hair started to grow (we had no idea he was med/long haired!) and his nails were strong and did not keep flaking/breaking. He was bright eyed and bushy tailed to say the least! We are so grateful that we found The Honest Kitchen. So much that we switched our other dog to it as well and have seen positive improvements from the high quality ingredients. Thank you The Honest Kitchen! (pics are 8 months apart)

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