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Other (dog) — Age 3
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I adopted London when he was just 6 months old. Being a first-time dog mom, I wasn't aware of the many different allergies a dog can have to certain types of food (just like us humans!). I fed him mostly boiled chicken and kibbles for the first 6 months but have noticed that his coat started to feel less fluffy and almost unhealthy looking. He was also constantly biting his paws and different areas of his body until the area started to bald. I started googling why that might be and realized it was mostly allergies - I started with changing his diet. My sister has been feeding her dog Honest Kitchen for years and swears by it so I gave it a try! I started with the Limited Ingredient Duck Recipe because it seems Duck and venison are a safer bet whereas chicken beef and other protein might continue to trigger him. It did take a few weeks but eventually, the biting stopped, the fur grew back, and his coat was fluffier than ever! I've not fed him anything other than Honest Kitchen since :)

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