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French Bulldog — Age 2
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Louis was just 6 months old when he underwent Medial Patellar Luxation (MPL) Surgery. He was born with both of his kneecaps dislocated. It is a hereditary condition. It was either that or he would probably end up in a wheelchair or worse. I loved him so much that I wanted to give him a chance at a good life he is a precious dog that is so lovable. He did great with the surgery but the vet said as he gets older he could have problems with his hips and arthritis. I wanted to put him on a food that is good for him and my mother in law owns two great danes and feeds them nothing but honest kitchen. I gave it a try at the beginning of this year and he loves the food. He digests it well and he doesn't have any issues with it. I am hoping that by feeding him a better human grade food it will help him later in life with any arthritis issues and keep him healthy.

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