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American Shorthair — Age 9
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This is my dog, you can already tell her fur is getting shiny and healthy.
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This is her before hand. Excited to see what happens :)

My cat is such a picky eater. Like you will not eat anything other than blue Buffalo life protection or purina one tender selection food. But I recently turned my dog onto the THK and I thought I would see if she had any interest in a little taste test before I get her, her own box. So I put a little dab on my finger and the most shocking thing happen. She did not hesitate to lick it off my finger. So to make sure she did like it, I repeated the same thing and sure enough she loves it. Literally immediately I got online to order her the cat grade food. I am so excited to see what this does for her. I have already seen the affect within a week within my dog with pooping easier, more energy, not bloated anymore and just over all awesome. This stuff is life changer.

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