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Cocker Spaniel — Age 0
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December of 2017 and January of 2018 we were having a lot of issues with Lucys stool and gas. She had always done great on dehydrated food before and any protein. We had an allergy panel done and it showed she was allergic to flax and they thought she may have Irritable Bowel Disease. Turned out flax was in 90% of the foods we had for them. I was desperate to not turn to kibble and looked at the ingredients in the honest kitchen. Thankfully their limited ingredient line of dog foods and the grain free fish( Zeal) did not have flax. Lucy has been on THK for about 4 months now. No gas, no loose stool and a happy dog. She has also gone from 19lbs to 22.5lbs. We are very thankful to find a quality brand that she likes and likes her back! Thank you!

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