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Dachshund — Age 16
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Duke at 13 years and Lucy at 16 years Both love honest kitchen
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Moose hangs out at least once a week and is growing up so fast. My son and his father recently adopted him.
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Simba visits often ; he’s like family and a member of the pak

Lucy has a gluten intolerance and has been on honest kitchen since we adopted her from our friend Brian Pel . Brian shared the high quality and benefits of this food. We have used it for all of our dogs for the last 14 years and love the product. Lucy has been the diva of this household. She rules the pak and this includes our rescue “Duke”, who is a combination ridgeback+Great Dane. Duke and Lucy hang out and take care of each other and their owners. They enjoy our large backyard and have both been in commercials at times when my yard was used for

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