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Luna & Layla

Shih Tzu — Age 2
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My girls Luna and Layla
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Luna at her heaviest weight 13lbs.
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You can tell here slightly, but she just looks happier and healthier!!

My girls since they were puppies had a lot of digestive issues. Being small breed dogs they CONSTANTLY had issues with anal glands and or not wanting food after a couple months. They also had skin problems, where they would itch themselves and have cuts and bite themselves raw. I went to my local pet store and they recommended I try a 2lb box for them. Almost a year later and the changes I have seen is amazing!! I rotate their protein after every box so they don’t get tired of the food, and EVERY single meal they are still so excited to eat. Their skin issues are almost non existent... they still take apoquel but not nearly as high a dosage and not as frequent. They rarely need glands done, maybe every couple months?? compared to every three or so weeks before. My dogs are extremely happy with this food and so am I. I had put Luna on a weight loss food & she actually gained 3 lbs and got so sick!! With the switch to HK she’s only down a pound and some change, but she has way more energy. I finally have ingredients I can read and understand, and I know what my dogs are eating. Also the ocean chews!!! ARE AMAZING. I wish more came in them since I feed three dogs them daily so I constantly run out of my supply, but thank you HK for such a great dog food that’s easy for the pup parent consumers to read & feel good about feeding their dogs.

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