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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 2
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Macks was prescribed food from the vet for GI issues. He continued to have occasional vomiting, daily loose stools, anxiety, and weight loss. He kept getting skinnier more sickly each week. We switched to a homemade turkey pumpkin diet along with Honest Kitchens limited ingredient Turkey dehydrated mix. He loved eating it and the Honest Kitchen gave me piece of mind that he was getting nutrients necessary for good health. The directions are easy and you can buy it at many stores. He gained his weight back, anxiety calmed tremendously, and best of all his poop is solid and normal after trying Honest Kitchen! Planning to purchase and try the Goat Milk supplement today after reading the ingredients in a probiotic by a major name brand company that the vet recommended. Ingredients like preservatives, soy, and GMO ingredients should never be in your dog’s food or supplements. Honest Kitchen keep up the good work and provide clean dog food, like dogs are supposed to eat !

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