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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 9
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Magdalina, the day after intake.
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She slept for days
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Magdalina two years later.

When I met Magdalina I was not planning to foster a dog. I had gone into a home to help coordinate the surrender of a mother dog and her two puppies, my role was paperwork and to be an official representative of the rescue. Magdalina was not one of the dogs we were there to meet. The family had wanted to surrender the mother and her puppies, and possibly one of the other young dogs. But on entering the home and seeing the condition of Magdalina, and a senior beagle, we realized we needed to intervene. Magdalina barely had any fur left, and her skin was dry, scaly, and bleeding. You could smell the yeast coming off her, as well as many less pleasant odors. We were told she was allergic to fleas and they had been taking care of her by rubbing human lotion on her. When you went to pet her, she barely responded. The family loved her, but, they did not have the money or the ability to care for her. We promised to get her the medical care she needed, and to do all we could to make her healthy, and they agreed to surrender her. We had not planned for a foster for her, taking her in was a surprise, so, without another place for her to go I bundled her into my car and took her home. It was just a few days before Halloween and my husband was convinced I had brought home a Gremlin. She went to the vet immediately, and I got a lot of medications - antibiotics, medicated shampoos, ear meds, wipes, powders, and we had to trim her nails as they were growing into her paws. But the vet told me that as important as it was to treat things outwardly, healing often started from the inside out, and getting her on solid nutrition was the best option. Thankfully we already had some Honest Kitchen in the house, and I immediately put her on the Whole Grain Turkey formula. She loved it, and it was something she could digest easily. Frenchie/Pug mixes are known for having gas issues, and if she ever had any kibble she could clear a room. But when she is on Honest Kitchen she has no problems what so ever. We also used the dehydrated Goat's Milk, the bone broths, and gave her some Honest Kitchen Beams when she needed a chew, and she loves the Green Lipped Mussels as a special treat. Slowly but surely her skin improved, her fur grew back, and she began to act more and more like a dog. Two years later, she is family. The dog who was never supposed to come to us was clearly meant to be with us. She still sees the same vet team and they rave about her skin, her coat and her overall health. They cannot believe it is the same dog. I repeat back to them what they said to me - healing starts from the inside out. And I firmly believe Honest Kitchen helped us nurture her body and her soul.

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