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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 5
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He adopted Maggie when she was just a little puppy. She was so excited to be in her new home and absolutely adores her big brother. At some point while she was growing up she became pretty anxious around other dogs. She will run and hide if she notices any tension in her environment, and we discovered she has a pretty bad case of anxiety. We tried several things to make her feel relax and safe before ultimately trying out a switch in her diet. We love Honest Kitchen! Maggie suffers from anxiety and the Limited Ingredient dehydrated food has done wonders to keep her happy and healthy! We can't wait to see how it helps her in the future. We have started adding Fish Toppers on top of the food to give her a little extra crunch with her meals. She was never big with begging for food but now when mealtime comes, she waits at her bowl excited for the food.

THK products Maggie loves
  1. Dehydrated Limited Ingredient Chicken

    Dog Food

    $45.99 - $89.99

  2. Grain Free Fish Proper Toppers for Dogs – Thumbnail Image
    Out of stock
    Proper Toppers™ - Grain Free Fish Recipe

    Dog Food

    $9.99 - $19.99

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