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German Shepherd — Age 6
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I did everything. Can we go home and eat now?
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Juno telling Maggie, hey, wake up, I think food is ready!

Maggie has always had a sensitive stomach on top of being a picky eater. She also gets episodes of seizures that comes and goes. With the medication that we give her to help with that and trying to minimize anything that may be harmful to her, we try to keep her on a limit ingredients diet. We are lucky that she is so food driven but because she is so she eats everything and anything whenever possible. So we try to give her foods that are whole foods that will fill her up and help maintain a better digestive diet. She still eats everything but at least now her poop is solid and not runny even when she gets into something that she shouldn't. But with a face like this how can you stay mad? We also have a new puppy and we are supplementing his food with some THK food mixed in as an addition to his kibble. And he finishes his bowl clean and tries to help his big sister in finishing hers as well. If he had it his way, he will eat all of it. We just finished the box and he plays and chews up the box too.

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