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American Shorthair — Age 2
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Keanu finds a family. My TNVR failure, she refused to leave the house and revealed she didn't like the outside. Loves Honest Kitchen Chicken

Keanu found a family and a boyfriend (maybe) with my boy Goldie. A social outcast in my home, the entire first year she stayed to herself. I've a grown kindle. They grew up together and are bonded. Keanu was pulled out from under the house of a dog hoarder. He lost the dogs, then left the cats under the house in terrible conditions. They had been fed dog food. I trapped her for TNVR. We thought she was wild. It was a fast night of work but a lack of cages meant she was to stay another day or more. Keanu was set up in a roomy cage. It became clear she loved to play and wasn't feral. Eventually she was TNVR'd but didn't want to be returned to the outside. She would hide in things and play alone for hours. Days turned into months, I was a TNVR failure. She wanted to be with the other cats but got used to being squeezed out at mealtime. Keanu became aggressive when I brought out the Honest Kitchen Chicken. She started to push to get into the plate amongst the five bonded family of cats. Soon I noticed her demanding my Ginger Boy groom her and her fights with the other cats ended up in friendly play. Keanu started out tiny and shy, but now clears everyone out of her way to get her share of the soft chicken meal. Thanks Honest Kitchen!

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