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Cocker Spaniel — Age 10
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Marmite - 11 year old cocker spaniel.

I have been on a journey trying to find a food that my 11 y\o cocker, Marmite, could eat. He has had recurring issues with diarrhea, throwing up, low energy, and ear infections. I finally found a prescription food (hydrolyzed protein) that he could tolerate. After doing a lot of reading up, I realized how much crap is in commercial kibble and the fact that anything good and beneficial has been killed during the cooking and processing...I was horrified! I did more research and found The Honest Kitchen. Too bad I didn't find this years ago, but better late than never! This last vet visit was the first I can remember where the vet didn't remark on ear problems. He has lost a significant amount of weight, no more diarrhea or throwing up, and even his crusty nose has dramatically improved. Marmite is happy, bouncy, and it's obvious he feels better. Heck, I think he feels better now at 11 than he did at 5 and I attribute that solely to this food because that is the ONLY thing I've changed. A lot of breeds are notorious for food allergies. Most of the time, it isn't the "food" so to speak, but all the junk they put in it and the fact that it is processed out the wazoo. I also got my sister to try Honest Kitchen for their boxer mix, Coconut. She has never seen her dog enjoy food more, and it's the same with my two dogs...they absolutely LOVE this food. I also give them the Beef Bone Broth with turmeric and the Pro Bloom goats milk with their evening meal on a pretty regular basis and they love that as well. You will not find a better dog food. This is truly top quality.

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