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French Bulldog — Age 1
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Here’s my girl enjoying the sunshine. We love The Honest Kitchen! Can’t wait to test out everything!

Maui has always been a sensitive dog. Her GI tract struggled to keep up with literally any of the foods we tried. We started with Life’s Abundance puppy food, then we tried Stella and Chewy’s Limited Ingredient Lamb, then we tried Spot and Tango Unkibble Beef and Barley, we even tried Open Farm Salmon and then Open Farm Whitefish. We tried various freeze dried raw options but the protein content was just too high. Kibble after kibble she would do well for a month or too and then her stools would be loose again. I tried the best of the best but nothing worked. Then we tried the Honest Kitchen Meal Boosters. It was the first topper that didn’t mess with her stomach. After a crazy episode of diarrhea, I decided we were going all in on THK. I got the Fruit and Veggie Base mix and plan on adding the Fish Meal Booster as protein. I’m excited to see how she does and confident that it’ll be a success. I can easily control her amount of protein and alternate proteins and figure out what she’s sensitive too.

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