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Australian Cattle Dog — Age 10
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We rescued Michi at roughly 1 year old from a shelter in Alabama. Scared to death of her own shadow, She began to trust and love us within a couple weeks. Nine years later, Michi has made great strides with her fear, but it is still there. However, when she finally decides to trust somebody she does this thing where she will touch them with her paw and leave it there for a few seconds and that's it, she is then good with them from that moment forward....We call it the "paw of approval". Michi started developing allergies(food and environmental) between 2-3 years of age. We did allergy testing, shots to keep it under control and We switched her food. When we moved from Alabama to Florida her environmental allergy got better and we were able to discontinue allergy treatments. A few years ago she started developing digestive issues, This is where I learned the next level of pet care. Luckily, I, being a groomer for a holistic pet store began gained the knowledge that I needed for my girl and other pets. This is where I learned about Honest Kitchen, while there are a lot of really good foods out there, this is hands down my favorite. More importantly, Michi's favorite! She's not super picky eater, but she literally whines(never done this before) when I'm mixing up her dehydrated HK food! I can not say enough about the quality of this food!

THK products Michi loves
  1. Dehydrated Grain Free Turkey

    Dog Food

    $23.88 - $99.99

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