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Siberian Husky — Age 9
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Mika 9 year old Siberian Husky

My fiance and I adopted our Mika back in April of 2016. Immediately we knew that there were some problems with her ears, some weight issues, and her overall appetite. Through no fault of their own, the previous owners did what they could and fed her what they could afford. She was definitely overweight and had a nearly embedded harness on her back. We began looking for a dry food that she would love and be good for her. But we kept ending up with duds. Either she liked it and it went straight through her, or it was good for her body and she hated it. After a year and a half of having Mika, I walked into a pet store where I met a woman who had been feeding her dog the Honest Kitchen foods for years. She told me of how it cleared up her dog's allergies and his pickiness. I explained to her the problems we were having with her pickiness and her very sensitive stomach. I picked up my first box of Embark and the rest is history. She's now at a good weight, never leaves the bowl empty, and her ears have cleared completely. I have never been happier! It's now almost been a year since first starting her on this new diet, and she's been doing awesome. Thank you so much!

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