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Poodle — Age 5
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I adopted my beautiful girl 4 years ago from the local shelter. While I have grown up with dogs my whole life, Mimi was my first dog. She was entirely my responsibility. Now when I adopted I had just turned 18, and relied on the dog food that my parents used for their dogs. Kibble n Bits. I shudder just thinking about the trash I was giving her for those few weeks. Thankfully, I got a job soon after and I spent most of my check getting everything I needed to give Mimi a better life. I started buying higher end dog food, can and kibble. I went through so much money and time researching different dog food looking at the ingredients. Mimi just did not like anything I bought. Since the day that I got her, she would not touch her food. It was only when she was starving that she would begrudgingly eat her food. She only wanted treats. To top it all off, she would not eat her food if I was not near her due to her separation anxiety. Everyday I would worry if she would eat her food that day or get sick again. So I kept trying different brands, and one day my local pet shop had a sale on the Honest Kitchen cups. So I bought it, waited the next day and fed it to Mimi. I had never seen her eat her food immediately and lick her bowl clean. I was flabbergasted! My picky puppy, who would sniff and walk away from food, actually enjoyed her meal! I immediately bought more. Even though it has been a couple of weeks, she is still eating it enthusiastically. She is happy and so am I. I am also happy that we can adjust the food to water ratio since Mimi licks it at a thinner consistency which I am happy to make since she also doesn't drink enough fluids. I am extremely thankful that I stumble across the Honest Kitchen and will continue to buy their products. As pet parents, we should only want the best for our loves. And this brand is honestly one of the best.
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