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Molly Brown

Basset Hound — Age 9
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Molly Brown had a terrible skin rash her whole life. She was constantly itching, and there was a red rash all over her belly, armpits, and feet. She had continual ear infections, and she developed so many urinary stones that she had to have surgery to remove them. The vet bills were expensive--the doctors tried putting her on a constant cycle of antibiotics and steroids, which I didn't feel good about and helped only the symptoms, not the underlying problem. After the surgery to remove her urinary stones, which took her longer to recover from than the vets expected, I went to a local natural pet food store, Long Leash on Life in Albuquerque, NM, and they recommended that I try The Honest Kitchen. We started with the Limited Ingredient Fish Recipe to alleviate her issues, and once her rash got under control we went to the Grain-Free Fish Recipe. For the first time in her life, Molly Brown's rash is gone, she has minimal bacteria in her ears and feet, she's had no more urinary issues (thank dog!), she has much less tartar build-up, and she's maintained an incredibly healthy weight as a basset hound, a breed that is known for their issues with obesity! Most people think that she's a puppy because of her weight and playfulness, and they're shocked when I tell them that she's 9 years old. I truly believe that The Honest Kitchen saved her life.

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