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Shih Tzu — Age 13
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Happy girl!

Hi My name is Molly. I have suffered from digestive issues almost from the beginning of my life. My humans have tried just about everything you could think of including special dietary foods, prescriptions, doctors, naturopathic remedies,but nothing seemed to work long term. My problems showed up in many different ways like, poo problems both loose & hard, incessant licking, tummy upset making terrible gurgling noises, and vomiting, etc. It was a long decade of trial & error. I can't remember who told us about The Honest Kitchen but doggone are we happy they did! I've been eating some form of THK for the last 2+ years & it has made a world of difference! My gut is not perfect but dare I say 99.9% improvement came after going full time on THK limited ingredient Beef or Fish. It's a little messy but I'm lucky my parents spoon feed me to lessen the clean up around my furry face & I love it!! I have a hard time waiting the few minutes for it to "cook" because it's so delicious. I highly recommend this quality food♡ Yours truly, Molly (& my human mom & dad, Tish & Pete)

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